Labor Day weekend events in Vermont

Labor Day weekend in Vermont

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything on here! The summer has gone by too fast as always and soon it will be Labor Day weekend here in Vermont. That means the end of summer, the start of school and getting ready for fall.

There is not a whole lot of things going on for Labor Day weekend here in Vermont. I know in Northfield Vermont there is a 3 day event with lots of food, music and games going on.

Burlington, Vermont always has a few special events here and there, plus many stores have Labor Day weekend sales. There’s always plenty of flea markets and farmers markets having one last sale also.

The biggest attraction in Vermont on Labor Day weekend is probably the Champlain Valley Fair, held at Essex Junction, Vermont on the fair grounds. I use to go to that every year when I was a kid, knowing that school was starting right after the fair.

At the Champlain Valley Fair you can go on rides, see shows, play lots of fair games, watch tractor pulls, car races, live bands and tons of animal and craft exhibits. It’s a great way to spend the end of summer, going to the fair.

But for many Labor Day weekend is a time to just relax, do a little fishing or swimming and have a nice cookout on the grill in the backyard. Hotdogs, steaks and cold beers are popular on Labor Day weekend!

Whatever you do for Labor Day weekend this year in Vermont, have fun, be safe and please don’t drink and drive. Have a great holiday with the family before school and fall comes!

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